Gymboree Play & Music: Testimonial

Gymboree Parents say...

"Ananya's Gymboree Experience"

"My daughter Ananya started Gymboree classes when she was 6 months old. This is an excellent program and has helped me tremendously in bonding with my daughter. The classes have made her highly expressive and she’s slowly initiating her own communication. She enjoys the classes, has become very active & energetic, and is developing an ability to enjoy music. The Training methods used are very structured & have helped me understand how to engage her in play. The Teachers are friendly & well trained, and the Infrastructure is excellent."

Class :  "Art"

Rajani Kesari

CFO Schneider Electric

"Rishika's Gymboree Experience"

"Our daughter Rishika started Gymboree when she was 5 months old. After attending classes here she started responding more to music and would try to talk. She enjoys playing with children her age in class, and her social skills are improving. We think our playing and interacting with our daughter in this group setting, as facilitated by the Teacher, has made her a more confident little girl. Our understanding of our child has increased. The Teachers, Infrastructure, and hygiene here is fine quality. We like this atmosphere"

Class :  "Art"

Reena Sailesh Saxena


"Disha's Gymboree Experience"

"Our daughter Disha started Gymboree when she was 12 months old. Within just one month of attending classes here we have seen improvements in her physical skills such as standing alone, walking and climbing. In addition to growth in a range of motor skills, she’s developed a good understanding of fundamental concepts like animals & sounds. The Teachers are nice, and good at explaining to both the child and parent. The place is very hygienic and the Infrastructure is perfect for small children."

Class :  "Music"

Geetha & Srikanth Reddy

Real Estate Business

"My experience with my children at Gymboree."

"Gymboree is fantastic! My son went there for over a year and now our daughter is going. The director and teachers are very caring, organised and are in tune with all the children. They have boundless energy and enthusiasm, they keep the program fresh and engaging with an international theme. The facility is immaculate. I am one happy Gymboree parent."

Class :  "Play Class"

Sabita Reddy